The same only different

Well hi right back atcha I’m heading up to Naples today. Thank God I have a call with my sponsor tonight. I’ve been regurgitating ugly for days now. I feel as if my spirit has been broken, like with the Convention, but maybe what’s really happening is I’m getting clear on what feeds me and … Continue reading The same only different

Another sneakie one

Hey. I had a lovely day yesterday. Quiet, got lots done. One of my favoritest sort of days… My boss was out and it’s amazing, she’s out and the phone barely rings. Yea team! I was able to get all of my Convention stuff sifted and sorted and posted from the weekend meeting and that … Continue reading Another sneakie one

Time Change

    Geeze, the time change got me this am! When I turned on my light, it was five minutes to seven!! Whaat? Welp, so much for listening to a tape for an hour… I just got an ad for a library of holosync CDs. It’s a sound technology that actually rewires your brain. I … Continue reading Time Change