Because He Lives

Hi ya Missie. I woke up this morning singing a song in my heart so I thought I’d meander thru my thoughts for a while. (It’s at the bottom of the email…) Don’t know that anything got resolved. I almost feel really sad but this too shall pass. We’re headed to Naples today so I’ll … Continue reading Because He Lives

Dawn cracked 4-19-16

Hi Ya Lucie! Tiz been a while crocodile!! I’ve been noticing but letting it be ok. This morning I woke up writing you an email in my head so I knew it was time to sit down and blab again. Yea team!! Saturday morning I was up and out before dawn cracked for my Convention … Continue reading Dawn cracked 4-19-16

No apologies 3-30-16

Hi ya Lucie, My holosync doesn’t seem to be working this morning? Like I totally can’t settle and keep opening my eyes thinking about something else that’s troubling to me. My daughter’s leaving in a day or two and boy are the flood gates opening to let the yuckies out to play. Total ugh. And … Continue reading No apologies 3-30-16

Gunky Greys 3-26-16

I’ve had that same exact feeling – the feeling that nobody wants to hear what you have to say. And every time I heard it, I felt so horrible, directed, hurting, and alone. It went on for years, most of my life actually until very recently. And you’re right, it’s old gunk and as you … Continue reading Gunky Greys 3-26-16